BIOL 263
Vocabulary from Schwartz et al (1999)

You need to recognize the meaning of these terms in future articles.
Suggestion: Type the word or phrase in Google,
and browse what comes up.

helix-turn-helix motif
protein domain
DNA band-shift assay
isomorphous (molecular) replacement
anomalous scattering (anomalous difference Fourier map)

palindrome, palindromic DNA sequence
asymmetric unit
antiparallel beta sheet
aliphatic residues
hydrophobic core
recombinant DNA
heavy atom derivative
diffraction data
electron density map
direct contacts (between molecules)
water-mediated contacts

hydrogen bond donor
hydrogen bond recipient
van der Waals surface
peptide backbone atoms
indirect DNA contacts
conservation of a residue (genetic)
family of HTH proteins
recognition helix
sequence specific
conformation specific
canonical; noncanonical
solvent-exposed surface
amino acid module
linker (amino acid sequence)
dsRNA, ssRNA, dsDNA, ssDNA
RNA editing