Balotan Carnivores


The Rumdler is one of the principle carnivores on Balota. Its main prey are the Cheatler and the Sneakler. Most Rumdlers only grow to approximately 30 centimeters high at the shoulder, with sharp horns from 15 to 25 centimeters long. The Rumdler is quite fast; it has been clocked by researchers at 30 kph. This speed, along with sharp teeth and a horn, enable it to kill animals twice its size, such as the Cheatler. Its favored technique is to run toward its prey, gore it with its horn, and then run away and wait for the animal to faint from blood loss. This often works. However, if the Cheatler is in a herd, the other Cheatlers may surround it and cut off its escape routes and then attack the Rumdler as a mob. A herd of 15 Cheatlers can kill a small Rumdler by beating it and then strangling it with their prehensile arms. For this reason, young Rumdlers usually prefer Sneaklers, who have less defenses and do not travel in groups. The Sneakler's main defense is its speed: It cannot run as fast as a Rumdler, but it has more stamina, since Rumdlers tire after a few hundred meters.

The Rumdler

The Scampler

The Scampler is a small mammal that feeds mostly on the Nyootler. It also supplements its diet with Slooglers. It stands about 15 centimeters high at the shoulder and is nearly as fast as the Rumdler. Scamplers tend to hide near newly abandoned carcasses and wait for Nyootlers to arrive. They then attack the Nyootlers, usually grabbing one and running off with it. The remaining Nyootlers then return to their food, knowing that the Scampler has grabbed enough food to last for a day or two. A hungry Rumdler may also stake out carcasses, waiting for both Nyootlers and Scamplers. Any Rumdler that hungry is probably injured, old, or sick, though, so it has to be careful of the Scampler's small, but sharp, horn. Many Rumdlers desperate enough to hunt Nyootlers or Scamplers die in the atttempt.

The Scampler

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