Science Fiction by Joan Slonczewski

The Children Star

Creatures that evolved with triplex DNA and exotic amino acids.
A world so alien that only children can be lifeshaped to live there . . . .

New York Times SF List, 1998
Tor Books, 1998
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In A Door into Ocean, Campbell Award winner, the Sharers develop symbiotic bacteria
to help them breathe and swim underwater.  They engineer flying fish
and other exotic organisms on their planet, covered entirely by ocean.
To be reissued this fall by Tor Books

The ocean world a thousand years later produced
Daughter of Elysium -- floating cities of "immortals,"
whose machines keep them forever young.
But what if the the machines wake up, and demand "human rights"?

In The Wall around Eden, polyhedral aliens with free-floating
infrared "eyes" save humans from destruction--by preserving them in inside-out four-dimensional
biospheres.  But what happens when the infrared "eyes" take up with the humans?