Joan L. Slonczewski
Robert A. Oden, Jr. Professor of Biology
Kenyon College

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Bacteria lab group 2013

Windows: Amanda He '16, Adama Berndt '17, Richard Dennis '17, Elizabeth Eder '17
Middle row: M. Michael Harden '14, Luke Kresslein '15, Dominic Camperchioli '17, Michelle Clark, Anna Yie, '14

Front row: Kaitlin Creamer '16,  Stephanie Penix '16, Maria Narvaez '14, Joan "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Eleanor Lopatto '17.

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Kenyon Students Show Why Drug-resistant E. coli Survives Stomach Acid

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pH of biofilm bacteria, observed by GFP-pHluorin, AEM 2012

E. coli biofilm

How do bacteria survive extreme environments, such as stomach acid? 

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On holiday in the Alps for their 50th wedding anniversary
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