Joan L. Slonczewski

Robert A. Oden, Jr. Professor of Biology, Kenyon College

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Bacteria Lab Summer 2016
2016 Summer Lab Group
Dr. S., Jessie Griffith '19, Jeremy Moore '19, Donnisa Edmonds, Anna Tancredi '19, Karina Kunka '19,
Mary Harris, Preston Basting, Greg Gillen

2016 research students and alumni

First-year Research--Apply through Symplicity
NSF REU MCB-1613278

Rainbow Lab

Research in Bacteria Lab:
Evolution in stomach acid
Aspirin decreases drug resistance

Bacterial neurotransmitters control your brain
Antarctic cyanobacteria and Knox County algal blooms

E. coli colony growing at pH 6.0 with GFP fluorescenceE. coli colony

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Tour an orbital space habitat: Frontera 3D.

Rainbow Lab

Curriculum vitae

Research Students

Microbiology: An Evolving Science 4E The Highest Frontier

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Health Advice

BIOL 103 Biology in Science Fiction
BIOL 211 Health Service and Biomedical Analysis
BIOL 238 Microbiology

BIOL 239
Experimental Microbiology
BIOL 475.02 Senior Seminar:Virology

Health Advice for Students
* Sleep eight hours every night.
* Avoid alcohol.
* Avoid fraternities.
* Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse.

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Community service

Polls and Voter Registration

Health Service and Biomedical Analysis

New Orleans rehab 2006

Parents, John and Esther
On holiday in the Alps for their 50th wedding anniversary
Esther Slonczewski, violin teacher
John Slonczewski, award-winning physicist

Bob Macnab, Yale Memorial