Joan L. Slonczewski

Robert A. Oden, Jr. Professor of Biology, Kenyon College
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Dr. S., Chase Holdener, Katie Bischof, Sam Schaffner '21, Julia Borys '21, Miriam Hyman '21, Ellie Broeren, Elizabeth Gifford, Nikolas Otto.

2018 research students and alumni


  Miriam at FACS  Chase at plates
Kenyon microbiologists test extreme acid and bacterial drug resistance
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NSF REU MCB-1613278
Rainbow Lab

Research in Bacteria Lab:

Evolution in stomach acid
Aspirin decreases drug resistance
Bacterial neurotransmitters control your brain
Antarctic cyanobacteria and Knox County algal blooms
E. coli colony growing at pH 6.0 with GFP fluorescence
E. coli colony

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Tour an orbital space habitat: Frontera 3D.
Rainbow Lab
Microbiology: An Evolving Science 4E The Highest Frontier


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