Brain Plague
by Joan Slonczewski
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Alan Pollack--Spectrum 7 The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art, p. 177
Tor hc, 2000; pbk, March 2001

What if alien microbes could give us whatever
our brains imagined--at a price?

"Brain Plague  gives new epic meaning to hearing voices inside your head.
Tune in or you’ll be sorry." -- Eva, Fantastica Daily

"Brain Plague is one of the most interesting SF novels I have read in a long time.
Scientifically provocative, full of fascinating situations, morally challenging --
this could very well be the future humanity one day faces . . . . Not to be missed!"
-- Nancy Kress, author of Probability Moon

"Slonczewski's fascinating, flawlessly developed, meticulously detailed scenario
makes it easy to suspend disbelief."  -- Kirkus Reviews

"Brain Plague is the best kind of inspiration, one that does not flinch in the face of
ambiguity and adversity." -- James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny

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