Joan L. Slonczewski

(they, them, theirs)
Professor of Biology, Kenyon College
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Bacteria Lab Kenyon

Bacteria Lab Summer 2021

Zach Baker '24, Minh Pham '23, Rachel Chen '24, Makenna Hughes, Eva Illuzzi '24, Chelsea Menke,
Bailey Fitzgerald '24, Maya Vaccaro '24, Dr. S.

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Kenyon microbiologists discover how to reverse bacterial drug resistance.
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Rainbow Lab

Research in Bacteria Lab:

Evolution in stomach acid
Aspirin decreases drug resistance
Bacterial neurotransmitters control your brain
Drug resistance genes in rivers and ponds
COVID epidemiology in wastewater

E. coli colony growing at pH 6.0 with GFP fluorescence
E. coli colony

Rainbow Lab

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Rainbow Lab

Microbiology: An Evolving Science 5E The Highest Frontier


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