The Highest Frontier

College out in space--invaded by undocumented aliens
"A worldwide communication system that makes the iPhone look like a Model-T Ford."
-- Alan Cheuse, NPR

The Elysium Cycle

Brain Plague
by Joan Slonczewski

What if alien microbes could give us whatever
our brains imagined--at a price?

"Brain Plague is one of the most interesting SF novels I have read in a long time.
Scientifically provocative, full of fascinating situations, morally challenging --

this could very well be the future humanity one day faces . . . . Not to be missed!"

-- Nancy Kress, author of Probability Moon

"Slonczewski's fascinating, flawlessly developed, meticulously detailed scenario
makes it easy to suspend disbelief."  -- Kirkus Reviews

"Brain Plague is the best kind of inspiration, one that does not flinch in the face of
ambiguity and adversity." -- James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny

The Children Star

The Children Star -- A world so alien that only children
can be lifeshaped to live there . . . .

New York Times SF List, 1998

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Daughter of Elysium

"Slonczewski creates many stunning ideas and moments in this book." -- James Schellenberg

From Publishers Weekly:

"Like its predecessor, A Door into Ocean , this thoughtful, well-crafted novel is set on the ocean world of Shora. Shora's original settlers, the Sharers, are peace-loving women who live in close harmony with nature. They now share their world with the 12 floating cities of Elysium, a society of nearly ageless humans who live surrounded by wealth and advanced technology. The Windclans, a family hailing from a pastoral, underpopulated world where children are highly prized and women revered, come to work in one Elysian city. But as they try to adapt to the Elysians' unfamiliar ways, family members find themselves caught up in the political intrigues among the Elysians, the Sharers and their friends and enemies on neighboring planets-- culminating in a confrontation with a potentially lethal adversary from within Elysium itself.

Slonczewski's settings and alien cultures are rich and detailed, her characters memorable and often extremely endearing. Even against such an intricate plot and exotic backgrounds, her depictions of relationships, especially family life, are touchingly real."

A Door into Ocean
The Campbell Award-winning tale of the Ocean World,
whose genetic engineers were too dangerous to be left free.
Campbell Award Winner, 1986. Tor Books, 2000.

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