Students and Alumni from the Bacterial pH Lab

Research Publications

August 2020

Lab 2020

Bailey Fitzgerald '24, Dr. S., Zach Baker '24, Maya Vaccaro '24, Abby Lee '22, Freya Beinart '24,
Sheetal Tallada '23, Nafeez Ishmam Ahmed '23, Yangyang Liu '23, Kim Frye, Minh Pham '23, Daniel Barich '05.
Also in Bacteria Lab:  Lizzy Apunda '22, Eva Illuzzi '24, Sam Schaffner '21, Happy Kassaye '23, Rachel Chen '24,
April Murphy '22, Meera Chambers '24.

Bacteria Lab 2019-2020

Bacteria Lab 2019

Nafeez Ishmam Ahmed '23, Thomas Kallarakal '23, Landon Porter, Haofan Li '20, Sam Schaffner, Rodaba Rahim '22,
Mark Lang '22, Abby Lee '22, Happy Kassaye '23, Sumaya Ahmend '23, Zion Snardon '23, Sheetal Tallada '23, Cassandra Lis '23,
Yangyang Liu '23, Alex Smirnov '23, Gabriela Cruz Echeverria '23, Alex Thoms '23, Dr. S.  Also: Lizzy Apunda '22

Summer 2019

Summer Lab 2019
Dr. S., Sumaya Ahmed '22, Lizzie Apunda '22, Abby Lee '22, Rodaba Rahim '22,
Jordan Schisler, Katie Bischof, Daniel Pastor

Bacteria Lab 2018-2019

Bacteria Lab Fall 2018

Jessie Griffith '19, Mark Lang '22, Karina Kunka '19, Jonah Dominguez '22, Lizzie Apunda '22,
Zack Blount, Roya Best '22,
Katie Bischof, Miriam Hyman '21, Rodaba Rahim '22,
Julia Borys '21, Sam Schaffner '21, Morgan Engmann '20, Dr. S., Jeremy Moore '19, Sasha Smerekanych '20, Haofan Li '20.
Also: Sumaya Ahmed '22, Simon Lentz '22

Summer Lab 2018

Dr. S., Chase Holdener, Katie Bischof, Sam Schaffner '21, Julia Borys '21, Miriam Hyman '21, Ellie Broeren,
Elizabeth Gifford, Nikolas Otto.

Bacteria Lab 2017-2018

Lab Group 2017

Sasha Smerekanych '20, Jeremy Moore '19, Trudy Wrona '20, Sam Schaffner '21, Erick Ditmars '18, Jessie Griffith '19, Karina Kunka '19,
Anna Tancredi '20, Meg Dye '21, Katie Bischof, Julia Borys '21, Haofan Li '20, Miriam Hyman '21, Afomia Ayele '21,
Ward Castelli '21, Nate Saindon '21, Dr. S. Also: Morgan Engmann '20, Grant Hall '20.

Summer Lab 2017
Lab Group Summer 2017

Carter Brzezinski 20, Katie Bischof, Chase Holdener, Preston Basting, Trudy Wrona 20,
Ellie Broeren, Mary Harris, Haofan Li 20, Morgan Engmann 20, Dr. S.

Bacteria Lab 2016-2017
Lab 2016-2017

Dr. S., Haofan Li 20, Trudy Wrona 20, Sasha Smerekanych 20, Adama Berndt 17, Morgan Engmann 20,
Sean Bush 17, Nadia Torok 19, Alex Schaal 17, Nonto Mdluli 18, Richard Dennis 17, Sriya Chadalavada 19,
Liz Eder 17, Rudy Casseday 20, Jo Stanley 20, Katrina Kunka 19, Grant Hall 20, Anna Tancredi 19,
Jeremy Moore 19, Jessie Griffith 19, Erick Ditmars 18, Carter Brzezinski 20, Preston Basting

Summer Lab 2016
Bacteria Lab Summer 2016

Dr. S., Jessie Griffith '19, Jeremy Moore '19, Donnisa Edmonds, Anna Tancredi '19, Karina Kunka '19,
Mary Harris, Preston Basting, Greg Gillen

Bacteria Lab 2015-2016

Bacteria Lab 2016

Above: Sebastian Chavez Erazo '18, Amanda He '16
Standing: Dom Camperchioli '17, Liz Eder '17, Santi Acero, Erick Ditmars '18, Nonto Mdluli '18, Preston Basting,
Adama Berndt '17, Claire Bradham '18, Richard Dennis '17, Alex Schaal '17, Jessie Griffith '19, Karina Kunka '19, Kristen Pitts '19, Anna Tancredi '19,
Rebecca Allen '19, Liz Hoover '19, Jeremy Moore '19, Sriya Chadalavada '19
Seated: Stephanie Penix '16, Alex Gonzales '16, Kaitlin Creamer '16, Issam Hamdallah '16
Inset: Dr. S.   Also in 2016: Sean Bush '19, Jesseca Kusher, '19, Nadia Torok '19

Summer Lab 2015

Bacteria Lab Group Summer 2015

Dominic Camperchioli '17, Stephanie Penix '16, Joan "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Will Henderson MVHS, Michelle Clark,
Taryn Kohlmann MVHS, Sebastian Chavez Erazo '18,
Heather Kerkhoff MVHS, Santiago Acero, Erick Ditmars '18, Zack Scott '18. Chair painted by: Kari Deininger, '13

Bacteria Lab Group 2014-2015

Slonczewski Lab Group 2014

Dominic Camperchioli '17, Jorge Chavez Erazo '18, Claire Bradham '19, Santiago Acero, Elizabeth Eder '17, Sean Bush '17, Zack Scott '18, Anthony Tellez '17, Erick Ditmars '18, Issam Hamdallah '16, Richard Dennis '17, Michelle Clark
Front row: Nontokozo Mdluli '18, Joan "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Amanda He '16, Kaitlin Creamer '16, Toneisha Stubbs '18

Bacteria Lab Group 2013-2014

Bacteria lab group 2013

Windows: Amanda He '16, Adama Berndt '17, Richard Dennis '17, Elizabeth Eder '17
Middle row: M. Michael Harden '14, Luke Kresslein '15, Dominic Camperchioli '17, Michelle Clark, Anna Yie, '14

Front row: Kaitlin Creamer '16,  Stephanie Penix '16, Maria Narvaez '14, Joan "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Eleanor Lopatto '17.

Bacteria Lab Group 2012-2013

Fall Lab Group 2012
Kaitlin Creamer '16, Jack Tomashot '16, Issam Hamdallah '16, Luke Kresslein '15, Ian Perrone '14, Keith Martinez, Jackson Cabo '13, Kari Deininger '13,
Anna Yie '14, Michael Harden '14 (seated) Amanda He '16, Rachel Rhee '15, "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Maria Narvaez '14

Summer Lab Group 2013
Summer 2013
Amanda He '16 (above), Keith Martinez, Dr. S., Kaitlin Creamer '16, Rachel Rhee '14, Ian Perrone '14

Summer Lab Group 2012

Summer 2012
Walker Griggs, Anna Yie '14, Michael Harden '14, Maria Narvaez '14, Keith Martinez, Dr. S.

Lab Group 2011-2012
Summer Lab Group 2011
Jackson Cabo '13, Dan Riggins '12, Luke Kresslein '15, Kari Deininger '13, Keith Martinez, Anna Yie '14, Michael Harden '14
(mid row) Zoe Lyon '15, Rachel Rhee '15; (below) "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Q Tashiro '15, Maria Narvaez '14

Summer Lab Group 2011Summer Lab Group 2011Gian Garduque '12, Meredith Dunn, Patrick Mershon '14 (above), "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Dan Riggins '12, Ryan Kitko

ASM 2011 in New Orleans!
ASM 2011
Ryan Kitko, Kari Deininger '13, and Gian Garduque '12
Presenting single-cell fluorescence pH measurement, and TolC and Tol-Pal in E. coli acid resistance

Summer 2010
Lab group 2009
Ryan Kitko, Kari Deininger '13, Shante Jackson '13, Dr. S., Kotiba Malek '13

Summer 2009
Lab group 2009
Tyler Aust, Khalid Eldahan '10, "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Haley Adcox '11, Erin Armentrout '12, Ryan Kitko

ASM 2010 in San Diego: Kenyon Microbiologists Present Research

Ken Noguchi '10 presents his work (with Dan Riggins '12 and Khalid Eldahan '10) on Escherichia coli hydrogenase and survival in extreme acid.

Haley Adcox '11 and Erin Armentrout '12 present their discoveries of sporulation
and arginase in Bacillus subtilis grown at high pH.

Ryan Kitko presents his work with Jessie Wilks '08 and Gian Garduque '12 on
osmolarity and pH regulation in Escherichia coli.

Microbiology: An Evolving Science, by Joan Slonczewski and John Foster,
on sale at the W. W. Norton exhibition booth.

Piero Sanfilippo '09, now at Sloan-Kettering cancer program;
Jessie Wilks '08, now at University of Chicago

Ryan Kitko, Kelissa Geffrard '11, Kristina Buschur '11, Matthew Bright '11, Baljit Singh '11,
Devon Fitzgerald '09, Joan "Dr. S." Slonczewski, Becca Cleeton '10

Summer 2008

Students in Slonczewski lab
China Ugwu '10, Grace Lee '09, Sarah Cleeton '10, Devon Fitzgerald '09, Jessie Wilks '08

Everett Hayes '04 and Liz Yohannes grow cells for microarray hybridization studies of pH-dependent gene expression. Arrays funded by our HHMI award, in collaboration with Sandra BonDurant at the UW-Madison Gene Expression Center. Summer of 2004.

Ariel Kahrl, Jessie Wilks '08, Dan Tate '06, Geetha Kannan '07, Dr. S, Allyson Whipple '06, Zeva Levine, Laura Damon-Moore

Bacterial pH lab group 2003: Lisa Maurer '04,
Liz Yohannes, Michael Barnhart '04, Dan Tate '06, and Dr. S.

Research Group -- Fall 2002
From left: Elizabeth Yohannes, Joan Slonczewski, Nick Chuha '05, Lisa Maurer '04 (Franklin Miller Award), 
Michael Barnhart '04, Sam Shopinski '06

Research Group -- 2002
From Left: Michael Barnhart '04, Yuliya Yoncheva '04, Brian Schmidt, Lisa Maurer '04,
Oliver Benes '03, Emmie Dengler '05, Joan Slonczewski
Michael Barnhart completed his PhD from U. Illinois. Lisa Maurer is a resident physician at UCSF.
Emmie Dengler is also in grad school at UW-Madison.

Research Group -- 2001
From left: Dawn Stancik '02, Yuliya Yoncheva '04, Nikki Oyelakin '04, Chris Kirkpatrick,
Joan Slonczewski, Lisa Maurer '04.  Foreground: Lauren Stancik '02
Lauren Stancik is a public health scientist at CDC, Atlanta. 

Lab Group, 2000
Back row: Brad Hersh '94, back from MIT to present his research on C. elegans; Chris Kirkpatrick, research associate;
Prof. Slonczewski, NSF-funded research on E. coli and Helicobacter molecular biology.
Front row:   Sule Sidigu '03, Seena Mathew '02, Cat Beck '02.  Supported by HHMI 1996. .
Brad Hersh completed his PhD at MIT with Nobel laureate Bob Horwitz; now he studies fly wings on postdoc at UW-Madison.

Judy Phillips '00 won the Tomsich Award for her published studies of pH-regulated genes in Escherichia coli and Helicobacter pylori.  She found that anti-oxidant proteins such as AhpC are induced by acid.
She went to Cornell veterinary school.

From left:
Dani Barstad '97, Junior Honors, studying Mycobacterium marinum at the Rocky Mountain Lab, Hamilton, Montana.
She spent a year growing crystals for X-ray analysis, then went to dental school.
Chris Cave '96, completing thesis on the pilin operon lpf, in Salmonella.
Here's an EM of virulence pili on his strain; photomicrograph obtained by Fred Hayes at RML.

Lisa Lambert '96, completing thesis on the global response to benzoate at low pH, in E. coli. She ran her
first 2D gels at Fred Neidhardt's lab; now we run 2D'sat Kenyon.
Published in Journal of Bacteriology, 1997.

Farees Farooq '96,  physiological characterization of a new acid resistance gene, xasA.
Published in  Journal of Bacteriology, 1996.
Farees Farooq is now a physician at University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Devin Johnson '98, Sarah McGeorge '98, and Grant Schulert '00.  All studied extreme pH-induced
genes this year.  Grant used "arbitrary PCR" to obtain flanking sequence; he got the technique
to work here for the first time, with  help from alumnus Erik Zinser '94.

Founding Alumni of Bacterial pH Lab:

Lab Group 1994
Erik Zinser '94, left.  Published in J. Bacteriology an extreme base resistance in E. coli.  Harvard '01; now associate professor at U. Tennesee.
Brad Hersh '94 middle. Discovered an extreme acid resistance gene, gadC, in E. coli.   MIT '01, on a Howard Hughes Predoctoral Fellowship. Now assistant professor at Allegheny College.
Darcy Blankenhorn, right. Research lab manager with Dr. S.