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Preparation of Scientific Papers - Clarity in writing

Reading Scientific Papers - Paper reading tutorial

Making Graphs with Excel

What Statistic Should You Use?

Reporting Results of Statistical Tests

PDFs of Selected Labs from Previous Years

Journal and Database Links for biol 109-110Y

Library Search Techniques

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Tutorials for Fall 2009


Tutorial 1- Samples Tutorial 6 - Skeletal muscle Tutorial Leaf Shape Paper
Tutorial 2 - Pine Tutorial Tutorial 7a - Smooth Muscle (Anatomy) Tetrahymena Papers (on Class Moodle Site)
Tutorial 3 -Phenotypic Plasticity Tutorial 7b - Smooth Muscle (Mechanisms) Smooth Muscle Paper
Tutorial 4 - Tetrahymena Tutorial 8 - Evolutionary Play Goldenrod Papers
Tutorial 5 - Tetrahymena Paper Questions Tutorial 9 - Analysis Review  
Cigarette smoke extract
110 Finding a Project

Additional Tutorials

Serial Dilution Lac Operon Cat Anatomy Tutorial New Heart and Lungs
Plasmid Tutorial Beta Galactosidase Levers
PCR - DNA replication site Standard Curves  

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