Kenyon College

HHMI Grants to Kenyon

Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Recent Applications and Milestones

January 2005

  • Purchase of Instrument
  • Faculty/staff training with Applied Biosystems Field Application Specialist, Doug Rains

January – May 2005

  • Emmie Dengler (Powell lab) used ABI 7500 to quanitify CYP1A6/7 and other dioxin-induced genes in Xenopus laevis as part of her Senior Honors Thesis research.
  • Jessie Wilks (Slonczewski lab) verified pH-induced changes in numerous E. coli genes identified in previous cDNA microarray experiments.
  • Prof. Karen Hicks developed assays for measuring photoperiod-sensitive genes in Arabidopsis thaliana.

April 2005

Summer 2005