Proposed Solutions

Many methods have been proposed to save Heart.  Many have been brutal, and call back to times on Earth when Genocide was a common means of population control.  The HCA is trying to work against these kinds of so-called “solutions,” but we need funding in order to do so.
The HCA has sent missions to the Pink community to teach controlled breeding, and methods of contraception.  It’s a small start, but it’s always possible that all is needed is awareness.  Reds are skeptical of the Pinks’ intellectual capacity to follow through with their new education, but only time can tell.
In the mean time, other projects have been started to find a planet where the Pinks could potentially colonize.  Several planets have been found, but none would be capable of supporting life without forming the planet to provide a Heart-like atmosphere and ecosystem.  Forming on this scale is enormously expensive, and the HCA is has been denied further government grants.
The only solutions left are looking dire.  Scientists have been researching ways in which Heart could be made to sustain more life.  But everything depends on funding. The government has all but given up on the HCA, and it is highly unlikely that any further grants will be given.
It has come down to you, civilians, to help us in our quest to save Heart.  So, what can you do?

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