Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Program Activities

May 1, 1996 through April 30, 1997 
Kenyon College Annual Program Report

See also 1998 Update.

Award Year: 1996
Grant Number: 71196-504202
Program Director: Joan L. Slonczewski
This Report was prepared by the Program Director with all members
of the HHMI Program Steering Committee:
Lori Beach, Sixth Grade Teacher
Thomas Greenslade, Professor of Physics
Bradley Hartlaub, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Al Helser, Seventh Grade Teacher
David Marcey, Associate Professor of Biology
Rosemary Marusak, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Andrew Niemiec, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dudley Thomas, Outreach Program Director
Jon Williams, Professor of Psychology
Susan Palmer, Program Evaluator
Note: Unlinked items were not applicable this year.
Marked items are especially exciting this year.
Part A: Narrative Section
1. Program Detail
a. Student Research and Broadening Access to Science
b. Curriculum, Equipment, and Laboratory Development
c. Faculty Development
d. Precollege and Other Outreach
2. Information Items
a. Course Enhancement or Development through Equipment Acquisitions
b. Course Enhancement or Development through Laboratory Renovations
c. Development of Freestanding Laboratories
d. Educational Technology.
3. Special Awards Received.
4. Other Involvement with HHMI.
5. General Comments and Observations.
6. Supplementary Information
a. Pre-program Evaluation by Program Evaluator
b. Photo Gallery
Part B: Data Section
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