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                                            Pictures of the Hudson River in New York.            The sign above says catch and release fish only.
                                            The largest Superfund site in the nation.                    

        There are ways for you to get involved and help clean up these sites.  State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) and citizen action groups usually have environmental campaigns and often the environment is one of the biggest campaigns.  Below are some interesting links.

Ohio Citizen Action This is the member sign-up page which also has information on how to become active in different parts of Ohio.

State PIRGs Superfund Page This page has information on the federal Superfund and a form letter to send to your State Representative.

EPA Superfund List This site has a list of all Superfund sites organized by state and city so you can look up if there are sites near you.

NYPIRGThis is New York state's PIRG.  This PIRG often sets precedents for other state and federal laws.

EPA Get Involved Page This site has the EPA's information on how to get involved with the Superfund program.

EPA Superfund Site This site has all current information on Superfund, the sites that are currently on the list and have been cleaned up.

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Created on 12/01/2001
by Karen Danis