Planet Zorkadum

    I would like to share some secret knowledge on an unknown planet called Zorkadum from the distant Galaxy of Euz. First, the most important feature of the planet is that the majority of it consists of an acid like substance, with a pH below 3. The vast amount of Acid covering Zorkadum has a similar proportion to the amount of space oceans take up on Earth. The unique Munum species supplies the critical energy source needed for the planet’s existence. Munum along with other Zorkadum species have unique characteristics not known to the human race. Until now!!!!

    The Munum are extremely long snake‐like creatures that live below the acid’s surface. The female Munum range from one hundred to two hundred feet long while the males are from fifty to seventy feet. The only time they come to the surface’s top is when they need the Grapper’s bacteria cleaning. The Munum can not breathe the Zorkadum’s air and thus keep their heads down when being cleaned as well. Munum are the only Carnivores of the Acid creatures and therefore they have no competition for food. Maybe the Munum are safe and have no predators to compete with because of their importance to Zorkadum’s existence. It might seem that the Munums living conditions would cause them to overpopulate but it has never been a problem. Their life expectancy is the longest of any of the creatures but Munums rarely breed. Munum’s gender ratio is the reason for the slow paced births. There are forty male Munums to every one female Munum. Also it takes the Mother Munum over 2 years to give birth to their children. 




Translucent Medd Equation



Zorkadum's Ecosystem