Biology Dept -- Kenyon College -- Fall 2012

BIOL 103 Biology in Science Fiction
Prof. Joan Slonczewski


Learn biology through science fiction.
Use quantitative reasoning.
Save Hometree.


Syllabus 2012

  • What are mutants? How do they reproduce -- and avoid self-destruction? (Time Machine, Star Trek)

  • How do sentient life forms evolve? Could humans evolve into a new species? (Galapagos)

  • How do we adapt to a desert planet? (Dune)
  • How do creatures collaborate with their ecosystem? What forces threaten a planet's biosphere? (Avatar; A Door into Ocean)

  • How does genetics shape us? Could genes make us immortal? (Jurassic Park)

  • Are we the Hometree for microbial aliens?  (Brain Plague)

Student Projects

Planet Nobu by Cambria Foden '13

Zorkadum by Kolin Sullivan '14

Save Heart by Emma Lasky '16

Whales and Sandworms
by Lainey McFarlane '09 and Molly Papows '09

Cows in Space by Rosey Karr '05

Modern Zlerin by Ellen Schuler '06