M. Siobhan Fennessy
Associate Professor of Biology, Kenyon College
Co-Director, Environmental Studies
Co-Executive Director, Brown Family Environmental Center

Current Classes, Spring 2008:

ENVS 112: Introduction to Environmental Studies

9:40-11:00 Tu, Th       Hayes 109       Syllabus

This course examines contemporary environmental problems, introducing the major concepts pertaining to human interactions with the environment. We will explore both local and global scales of this interaction. Course topics include basic principles of ecology, the impacts of human technology, the roots of our perceptions about and reactions to nature, the social and legal framework for responding to problems, and economic issues surrounding environmental issues. We will discuss methods for answering questions regarding the consequences of our actions and especially focus on methods for organizing information to evaluate complex issues. The format of the course will be three-quarters discussion and lecture and one-quarter "workshop." The workshops will include field trips, data collection, and application of computer modeling. This course counts as a biology course for the purpose of diversification. No prerequisites.

ENVS 251: Field Experience / Environmental Outreach

In this course, students will examine special topics in environmental science, obtaining subject knowledge so that they can lead educaional experiences for elementary school classes visiting the Brown Family Environmental Center. Students will participate in seminar style discussions and training workshops at the beginning of the semester and then participate in four to five programs for visitors. Participants will submit a final report on their experiences and evaluations of the effecitveness of the programs.