M. Siobhan Fennessy
Associate Professor of Biology, Kenyon College
Co-Director, Environmental Studies
Co-Executive Director, Brown Family Environmental Center

Current Research:

Few ecosystem types are as fascinating as wetlands, which can be considered models in our efforts to understand how ecosystems work. My research focuses on several aspects of wetland ecology, including how wetlands respond to the stessors associated with human activities, particularly urbanization; how plant communities shift in response to changing environmental conditions, and which biological indicators provide the best measures of human impacts and restoration success. My lab is also studying the development of methods to improve the practice of wetland restoration.

Work in the lab is supported by USEPA and USDA- NRCS. To date we have received over $900,000 in grants for our wetlands studies.

Recent Updates:

Recent research activities include:

Invited to sit on the US EPA Expert Panel on Indicators and trends in Wetland Condition and their effects on Human Health and the Environment (USEPA Report on the Environment Panel, January 2008).

Invited to develop a wetland assessment method that will be used in a US EPA - led national assessment of wetland ecological condition, field work scheduled for 2011.