Earth: the First Biosphere

pic of earth

Image courtesy of Astronomy for Kids

Biosphere I's total surface area is about 197,000,000 square miles. Approximately 75% of of this is covered in water. The other 25% is divided primarily into seven major land masses or continents. On each of these continents exists the various necessities of life, including air, water, soil, and food. However, the ecosystems that are able to survive and produce on each continent vary widely.

The Earth is a complex balance of her ecosystems. It is the first biosphere, and thus obviouly the model for Biosphere II. Earth contains six ecosystems, including marshes, farmland, savannahs, deserts, oceans, and rainforests. Biosphere I contains countless different plant and animal species, as well as a wealth of minerals and fossil fuels. The basis of life within the Biosphere is mutation and natural selection as forms of self-preservation.

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