HHMI Grants to Kenyon

Kenyon College Summer Science Scholars, 2005

Posters on-line, funded by HHMI grant


Undergraduates at Kenyon conduct research projects in the summer,  in collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Each student presents a poster on their work at a public exhibition.  For further information on research with undergraduates at Kenyon, contact the faculty mentors below.
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A Three Year Analysis of Sex Ratios Among Sialia sialis Nestlings
Lauren Kordonowy '06
Mentor: E. Raymond Heithaus, Biology

Mathematical Modeling of Spontaneous Calcium Oscillations in Astrocytes
Maxim Lavrentovich '08
Mentor: Sheryl Hemkin, Chemistry

An Agrestic Center and Its Hinterland: Late Classic Settlement in the Environs of Las Canoas
David Rogoff '06
Mentor: Patricia Urban, Anthropology

Dynamic Effects on External pH and Anaerobic Growth of E. coli: Varied Carbon Sources and Hydrogenase Mutation
Dan Tate '06
Mentor: Joan Slonczewski, Biology

Creation and Characterization of Entangled Photons via Second Harmonic Generation of Infrared Diodes
Mark Geiger '06
Mentor: James Keller, Chemistry
The Determination of 5-HT1A Radioligand Effectiveness via a Computerized Neural Network
Jenna Rose '07
Mentor: Sheryl Hemkin, Chemistry

Experimental Investigations of Root and Tuber Processing: Implications for Neanderthal Diet and Behavior
Michelle Pino '06
Mentor: Bruce Hardy, Anthropology

Use of ORAM in Wetland Quality and Land Use Assessment
Elizabeth Deimeke '06
Mentor: M. Siobhan Fennessy, Biology

Computer Modeling of Drug-Protein Interactions Between Derivatives of Aricept® and Human Acetylcholinesterase
Josh Zhang '07
Mentor: John Lutton, Chemistry

Does a Retrieval-Enhancing Drug that does not disrupt Hippocampal Functioning Alleviate the Context Shift Effect in Rats?
Adam Sutter '06
Mentor: Paula Millin, Psychology

Bluebird (Sialia sialis) Response of Sex Ratio to Habitat and Resource Availability
Amy Strieter '07
Mentor: E. Raymond Heithaus, Biology

Inter-individual and intraspecific allometric scaling relationships between metabolic rate and body mass in the Manduca sexta
Marissa Stearns '05
Mentor: Haruhiko Itagaki, Biology

Laser Depletion Grating Study of the Photodissociation of Chlorine Dioxide (OClO)
Katherine Coens '06
Mentor: James Keller, Chemistry

The Effects of Social Isolation on Play Behavior and Vocalization
in Hooded Rats (Ratus novegicus)
Robbie Molden '06
Mentor: Andrew Niemiec, Psychology
Lithic Artifact Analysis of Rural Sites in the Naco and Cacaulapa Valleys, Northwestern Honduras
Rebecca Laughner '06
Mentor: Edward Schortman, Anthropology

Paved paradise and put up a parking lot? Impacts on Isolated Wetlands in the Cuyahoga Watershed
Casey Smith '06
Mentor: M. Siobhan Fennessy, Biology

Two-Choice Drug Discrimination Using Morphine on the Sand Maze
Mike Dash '05
Mentor: Paula Millin, Psychology
Microarray Time Course: Gene Expression in Escherichia coli in Response to Acid pH Shift
Geetha Kannan '07
Mentor: Joan Slonczewski, Biology

Locality in a Quantum World
Lee Kennard '07
Mentor: Benjamin Schumacher, Physics
The Effect of Methylphenidate on 22 kHz and 50 kHz Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats
Lara Cox '06
Mentor: Andrew Niemiec, Psychology

Investigating signaling and metabolism of PLC- and PLD-derived phosphatidic acid in the root apical meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana
Emily Vaughn '07
Mentor: Alfredo Cruz Ramírez, CINVESTAV