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Kenyon College Summer Science Scholars, 2007

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Undergraduates at Kenyon conduct research projects in the summer,  in collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Each student presents a poster on their work at a public exhibition.  For further information on research with undergraduates at Kenyon, contact the faculty mentors below.
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Three Variants of Sarcoplasmic Calcium-Binding Protein DNA Found in Axial and Cardiac Tissues of Procambarus clarkii
Michael J. Northcutt ‘08
Mentor: Christopher M. Gillen, Biology

A Direct Nanoscale Investigation of ZnO Surfaces During Crystal Growth
David Black ‘09
Drew Pohlman ‘10

Mentor: Simon Garcia, Chemistry

Benchmarking the New Miller Observatory Site
Joey Konieczny '08
Mentor: Paula Turner, Physics

Responsiveness of a Xenopus laevis cell line to aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands TCDD and FICZ
Leo B. Laub '09
Mentor: Brian Jones, Mathematics and Wade Powell, Biology

Investigating the Optical Properties of Doped Amorphous Glasses
Nirajan Mandal '10
Mentor: Frank C. Peiris, Physics

pH dependent gene expression in Bacillus subtilis
Sarah Cleeton ’09, Grace Lee ’09,
Jessie Wilks ’08
Mentor: Brian D. Jones, Mathematics, and Joan L. Slonczewski, Biology

Sequence Determinants of Ligand Binding Affinity in the Xenopus laevis Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
Sarah Holzman, ‘08
Mentor: Wade Powell, Biology

Cloning and Characterization of LmaPBP from the Cockroach, Rhypharobia (Leucophaea) maderae
Allison M. Goldsmith ’09
Mentor: John Hofferberth, Chemistry

Foot Color, Antioxidant Concentrations, and Catalse Activity
in Breeding Black Guillemots (Cepphus Grylle)
Shaina N. Stewart ’09
Elizabeth D. Carlton '09,
Sara J. Brinda '08
Mentor: Mark F. Haussmann and Robert A. Mauck, Biology

Determinants and variation of the sex ratio in the Eastern Bluebird, Siala sialis
Hilary Franke '09
Mentor: E. Raymond Heithaus, Biology

The effects of Alliaria petiolata and fertilization on the growth and survivorship of Quercus alba and Acer saccharum seedlings
Amy Kessler ‘09
Mentor: Andrew Kerkhoff, Biology

Modeling Caterpillars
Jim Boston ’09
Mentor: Judy Holdener, Mathematics

Computational Modeling of Astrocytic Glutamate Input to Neurons
Elizabeth Hansen '10
Mentor: Sheryl Hemkin, Chemistry

The effect of the invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) on levels of herbivory in white oak and sugar maple seedlings
Ellen Thompson ’08
Mentor: Andrew Kerkhoff, Biology

The Binding of Carboxylates to ZnO Surfaces
Drew Pohlman ‘10

Mentor: Simon Garcia, Chemistry

Assortative mating by foot color in the black guillemot (Cepphus grylle)
Elizabeth D. Carlton ‘09
Mentors: Mark F. Haussmann and Robert Mauck, Biology

Heritability of telomere length in a wild population of Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis)
Sara J. Brinda '08,
Anna Bender '08,
Shaina N. Stewart '09

Mentor: Robert A. Mauck and Mark F. Haussmann, Biology

The Effects of Cold Acclimation on Calmodulin in the crayfish, Procambarus clarkii
Lexie White '09
Mentor: Christopher M. Gillen, Biology

Interspecific examination of the relationship between metabolic rate and body weight: Selective pressure on metabolic scaling exponents in Manduca sexta larvae
Rex Rodriguez ’09
Mentor: Haruhiko Itagaki, Biology

The Effects of 22-kHz Ultrasonic Vocalization Duration on Defensive Behavior in Rats
Christian Hinderer, '10
Mentor: Andrew Niemiec, Psychology

Investigating Leach’s storm-petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
body condition over the incubation period
Stuart Fety '09
Shaina Stewart '09

Mentors: Mark Haussmann and Robert Mauck, Biology

The Electrostatics of a Colloidal Particle Near Two Plates
Thomas Linz '09
Mentor: Timothy Sullivan, Physics

The Effect of Alliaria petiolata and Fertilization on Photosynthetic Rates
in Acer saccharum and Quercus alba
Kaleb Keyserling ’09
Mentor: Andrew Kerkhoff, Biology

The morphological growth of the midgut of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta in relation to body surface area
Anna Frutiger ‘09
Mentor: Haruhiko Itagaki, Biology

Expression and characterization of the Na-K-Cl cotransporter, masBSC, in Sf9 cells
Ann Downer '08
Mentor: Chris Gillen, Biology

The Abundancy Index: Tracking Down Outlaws
Laura Czarnecki ’08
Mentor: Judy Holdener, Mathematics

Affect and Cognitive Failures: A Comparison of Positive and Negative Mood Factors
Michael Schnapp ‘08
Mentor: Tabitha W. Payne, Psychology

Cahn-Hilliard Simulation
Pushkar R Dahal ’08
Mentor: Timothy Sullivan, Physics

The Effect of Athletic Participation on Self-Esteem: A Meta-Analysis
Tom Geiger ’09
Mentor: Sarah Murnen, Psychology

Synthesis of pyrazines putatively involved in ant-butterfly mutualisms
James Beckett '11
Mentor: John Hofferberth, Chemistry

Synthesis of Terpene Derived Natural Products
Joel Beckett '08
Mentor: John Hofferberth, Chemistry
Zorni Kalibatseva's poster
The Roles of Experience and Working Memory Capacity on Second Language Comprehension
Zornitsa Kalibatseva '08
Mentor: Tabitha Payne, Psychology 

Memories of Food and Season Extension Among Elderly in Ohio
Anne Gianakos ‘08
Mentors: Kimmarie Murphy and Bruce Hardy, Anthropology

Nutritional Assessment of Preschoolers in Rural Ohio: Biological Investigations into Dietary Implications of Economically Disadvantaged Children
Allegra Fety ’09
Mentor: Bruce Hardy, Anthropology

Food Choice and its Effects on Nutritional Status: Assessment of Children at a Rural Ohio Head Start
Kate Sanders ‘08
Mentor: Kimmarie Murphy, Anthropology

The Role of Trust in the Consumer’s Choice to Buy Locally
Megan Duffy '10
Mentor: Kimmarie Murphy and Bruce Hardy, Anthropology

Early Childhood Education and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children:
A Meta-Analytic Review
Elisa Garcia ’08
Mentor: Linda Smolak, Psychology

Living on the Edge: Residential Structures in and Around El Cafetal, El Paraíso Valley, Honduras
Thomas J. Gonyea '08
Mentor: Ellen Bell, Anthropology

Media Influences on Adolescents and Emerging Adults
Carlin Shoemaker '08
Mentor: Dana Krieg, Psychology