Kenyon Summer Science Scholars Program

Kenyon College Summer Science Scholars, 2014


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Undergraduates at Kenyon conduct research projects in the summer, in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Each student presents a poster on their work at a public exhibition. For further information on research with undergraduates at Kenyon, contact the faculty mentors below.

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PosterTitle and AuthorMentor(s) and Department
S. E. Adrianowycz poster clip
Standing the Heat: The Influence of Increased Air Temperature on Leach's Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
S. E. Adrianowycz '16
Robert Mauck, Biology
Edgar F. Arceo poster clip
Growing From Sports-Related Adversity: Investigating the Role of Spirituality in the Resiliency Process of College Student Athletes
Edgar F. Arceo '15
Sarah Murnen, Psychology
Robin Belton poster clip
Numerical Techniques of Integration for Volumes of Revolution
Robin Belton '16
Marie Snipes, Mathematics
Matthew Christopher poster clip
Fabricating Atmospheric Chemical Sensors using Mesoporous Indium Tin-Doped Oxide (ITO) Photonic Crystals
Matthew Christopher '17
Frank Peiris, Physics
Nicholas Connolly poster clip
Constructing Linear Codes with Record Breaking Parameters
Nicholas Connolly '15
Nuh Aydin, Mathematics
Richard Dennis poster clip
Bridging the Generation Gap: Tracking Movement of Functional Proteins Across Generations in Escherichia coli
Richard Dennis '17
Joan Slonczewski, Biology
Elizabeth Eder poster clip
Polar Aging of Escherichia coli under Neutral and Acidic Conditions
Elizabeth Eder '17
Joan Slonczewski, Biology
Nat Fox poster clip
Progress Toward a Novel Synthesis of the C5 Methylated Cyclopenta[C]pyridine Substructure
Nat Fox '16
John Hofferberth, Chemistry
S.A. Frantz poster clip
A Model of Carbohydrate and Protein Uptake in Manduca sexta
S.A. Frantz '15
Andrew Kerkkhoff, Biology
Caroline Del Giudice poster clip
Is It Hot Enough Yet? Reconstructing Firing Temperatures for Prehistoric Honduran Ceramics through Re-Firing Experiments
Caroline Del Giudice '15
Edward Schortman, Anthropology
Lila Greco poster clip
Brownian Motion in the Complex Plane
Lila Greco '15
Marie Snipes, Mathematics
Issam Hamdallah poster clip
The Effects of high pH on acid adapted Escherichia coli
Issam Hamdallah
Joan Slonczewski, Biology
Katherine C. Hoener poster clip
Kinetic Characterization of CHY4 and CHY5 in the Catabolism of Valine in Arabidopsis thaliana
Katherine C. Hoener '15
Kerry Rouhier, Chemistry
Hayley Howard poster clip
Effects of a thermal excursion on biomass yield and gas exchange traits in Glycine max
Hayley Howard '15
Christopher P. Bickford, Biology
Sam Justice poster clip
Generalizing the Four Numbers Problem to Planar Graphs
Sam Justice '15
Carol Schumacher, Mathematics
Kathryn Kadleck poster clip
Striving for Perfection: Multiple Roles and Well-Being
Kathryn Kadleck '15
Sarah Murnen, Psychology
Megan M. Koenecke poster clip
Interactions between Thyroid Hormone and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) Signaling during Metamorphosis of Xenopus laevis
Megan M. Koenecke '15
Wade Powell, Biology
Kaicheng Li poster clip
Exploring Thermal Lens Spectrometry as an Analytical Tool
Kaicheng Li '16
James Keller, Chemistry
C. Ross Mauck poster clip
GPU Acceleration of 3D lattice simulations
C. Ross Mauck '15
John T. Giblin, Jr., Physics
Camelia Milnes poster clip
Toward Defining the Scope and Limitations of the Tandem Enamine-enal Cycloaddition/Pyridine Formation Approach to the Synthesis of the Cyclopenta[C]pyridine Substructure
Camelia Milnes '15
John Hofferberth, Chemistry
Eva H. Nesbit poster clip
Nonlinear Physics at the End of Inflation
Eva H. Nesbit '16
John T. Giblin, Jr., Physics
Olubusola O. Olukoya poster clip
The Interaction of Striatal Dopamine on Glutamate-Mediated Repetitive Self-Grooming Behavior in the BTBR T+tf/J Mouse Model for Autism
Olubusola O. Olukoya '15
Hewlet G. McFarlane, Neuroscience
Timothy R. Scully poster clip
Reheating the universe
Timothy R. Scully '15
John T. Giblin, Jr., Physics
Joseph Walsh poster clip
Sticking with Neanderthals: Identifying Neanderthal Mastics and their Signatures
Joseph Walsh '15
Bruce Hardy, Anthropology
Zach Weiner poster clip
Searching for and Characterizing Abundancy Outlaws
Zach Weiner '16
Judy Holdener, Mathematics