HHMI Grants to Kenyon

Kenyon College Summer Science Scholars, 2006

Posters on-line, funded by HHMI grant


Undergraduates at Kenyon conduct research projects in the summer,  in collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Each student presents a poster on their work at a public exhibition.  For further information on research with undergraduates at Kenyon, contact the faculty mentors below.
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Characterization of an Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Repressor (AHRR) from the Frog Xenopus laevis
Anna Zimmerman '07
Mentor: Wade Powell, Biology

Methodology: Hydroboration Animation to Yield Alkylamines
Joel Beckett '08
Mentor: John Hofferberth, Chemistry

Studying Classical Entanglement
Ariel Helfer, '08
Mentor: Chris LaSota, Physics

Expression Analysis of TCDD-responsive genes in Xenopus laevis Embryos
Diana Spahlinger '07
Mentor: Brian Jones, Mathematics

Tunable Photonic Crystals
Joseph Rodriguez '09
Mentor: Frank Peiris, Physics

Hydrogenases and pH Stress Response in E. coli
Piero Sanfilippo '09
Mentor: Joan Slonczewski, Biology

Determining Functional Differences Between Aryl-Hydrocarbon Receptor Paralogs in Xenopus Laevis
Elizabeth King '07
Mentor: Wade Powell, Biology

Characterization of the Pheromone Binding Protein PBPLma
Amy Thurber '07
Mentor: John Hofferberth, Biology

The Parent Trap: Breeding Black Guillemots (Cepphus grylle) in Better Body Condition Have Higher Levels of Lipid Peroxidation
Emily Vaughn '07
Mentor: Robert Mauck, Biology

Partial Differential Equations on Random Grids
Maxim Lavrentovich '08
Mentor: Timothy Sullivan, Physics

Characterizing the Functional Diversity of a Secondary Forest Community
Alexandra Lodge '07
Mentor: Andrew Kerkhoff, Biology

The Search for Abundancy Outlaws
William Stanton '08
Mentor: Judy Holdener, Mathematics

Modeling the Metabolic Scaling for Manduca sexta
Agnes Melbarde '08
Mentor: Brad Hartlaub, Mathematics

The Effect of Multiple Morphine Exposures on State Dependent Learning in Rats
Ryan Lacy '07
Mentor: Paula Millin, Psychology

Experimental Investigations of Mesoamerican Obsidian Use
John Compton '07
Mentor: Bruce Hardy, Anthropology

Fair Weather Food: The Effect of Weather Variation on Total Plasma Antioxidant Levels of Leach's Storm-petrels (Oceanodroma Leucorhoa)
Melina Moe '07
Mentor: Robert Mauck, Biology

Establishment of Microbially-Mediated Functions in Created Wetlands: A Comparative and Mechanistic Study to Provide Guidance for Wetland Restoration
Ellen Herbert '07
Mentor: M. Siobhan Fennessy, Biology

The Effect of Cold Acclimation on Gene Expression in the Crayfish, Procambarus clarcii
Margaret Niehaus-Sauter '07
Mentor: Christopher M. Gillen, Biology

Eating Where You Live: The Potential for a Local, Seasonal Diet in Knox County, Ohio
Megan Maurer '07
Mentors: Bruce Hardy and Kimmarie Murphy, Anthropology

Examining the Conspecific Audience Effect on 22-kHz Ultrasonic Distress Vocalizations in Rats
Keenan Vinion, '07
Mentor: Andrew Niemiec, Psychology

Inner Beauty in a monomorphic Species: Immune Quality Influences Mate-choice in Leach's storm-petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
Jennifer Zangmeister '07
Mentors: Mark Haussmann and Robert Mauck, Biology

Site Layout and Style: A Comparative Study in the South East Mesoamerican Zone
Erlend Johnson '07
Mentor: Ellen Bell, Anthropology

Coding Theory and Democracy - Part II
Tsvetan Asamov '08
Mentor: Nuh Aydin, Mathematics

The Allometric Scaling Relationship between Metabolic rate and Body Size in Manduca Sexta
Andy Boylan '08
Mentor: Haruhiko Itagaki, Biology

Effects of Religion upon Environmental Concern: A Study of Attitudes and Behaviors
Emily Burns '08
Mentor: Lauren Shapiro, Psychology

The Development of the Athletic Body Experience (ABE) Questionaire
Jessie Menzel, '07
Mentor: Michael Levine, Psychology

GABA, Drug Effects, Anxiety, and 22-kHz Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats
Thomas Au '08
Mentor: Andrew Niemiec, Psychology

Simulating Colloidal Interactions
Gilad Barlev '09
Mentor: Timothy Sullivan, Physics