Class Resources - PowerPoint slides

Oceanography - scale and seawater

Oceanography - habitats

Ocean basins and currents

Primary producers - basic components

Ocean productivity II

Primary production patterns

Oceanic nekton - adaptations I

Oceanic nekton II

Oceanic nekton III

Fisheries patterns and trends

Fisheries - maximum sustainable yield

Deep sea ecosystems I

Deep sea ecosystems II

Benthic diversity I

Benthic diversity II

Rocky subtidal habitats

Kelp habitats

Sea grass ecosystems I

Sea grass ecosystems II

Threats to coastal ecosystems

Introduction to intertidal ecosystems

Rocky intertidal ecosystems

Estuaries - introduction

Estuaries - processes

Estuaries - human impacts

Estuaries - ecosystems

Estuaries, conclusion

Tropical reef introduction

Tropical reef diversity

Tropical reef symbiosis

Tropical reef challenges

Mangal introduction

Mangal in the habitat mosaic - nutrient export

Mangal in the habitat mosaic - nursery and protective functions