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YearTitleStudent PresenterMentor(s)Department
2017Expression and activity of cation cotransporters in yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) in different salinitiesDavid Anderson '19Christopher M. GillenBiology
2017Macroevolution of dimensionless life histories in amniotesCecina Babich Morrow '18Andrew KerkhoffBiology
2017How Women's Distrust in Other Women Intensifies the Relationship betweenGender Microaggressions and Psychiatric SymptomsLucy Bhuyan '18Sarah MurnenPsychology
2017The Synthesis of BMPCL (Hedrick REP Inimer/ATRP Initiator) Jenna Bouquot '19Yutan D. Y. L. GetzlerChemistry
2017The Effects of Jasmonate Derivatives on Escherichia coli GrowthCarter U. Brzezinski '20Joan SlonczewskiBiology
2017Age Group Differences in the Experience of Gendered Microaggressions among WomenSarah Campbell '20Sarah MurnenPsychology
2017Recovering the Neutron Star Equation of State from a Simulated Binary Neutron Star: Gravitational-wave Detection with LIGO Matthew Carney '18Leslie WadePhysics
2017Recovery of Microbial Functional Diversity in Restored Wetlands Srila Chadalavada '19Siobhan FennessyBiology
2017Objectification in Asian Skin Whitening Commercials: A Content Analysis Alejandra Colmenares '19Irene Lopez, Ph.D.Psychology
2017Characterizing the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) within the order AnuraReed Crocker '20Wade PowellBiology
2017Expression and Evolution of the cation-coupled cotransporters in Aedes aegypti LarvaeAdrienne DeBrosse '18Chris GillenBiology
2017Identifying Dietary Microfossils from Dental Calculus in the Keldudalur Cemetery, Skagafj�rdur, IcelandSean Deryck '18Kimmarie MurphyAnthropology
2017Getting Angry? Counting Sheep? Could Video Games Make You Lose Sleep? Relations Between Game Play, Sleep Deprivation, and Aggression.Benjamin Douglas '18Patrick J. EwellPsychology
2017Effects of hepA, rfaY, and cspC Genes on Benzoate Tolerance and Antibiotic Resistance in Benzoate Evolved Escherichia coliMorgan L. Engmann '20Joan L. SlonczewskiBiology
2017Neanderthals: The First Spear Throwers?Andrea M. Evans '19Bruce HardyAnthropology
2017Tangloids: A Mathematical Exploration into Children's Toys Michael Grace Fisher '20Carol SchumacherMathematics
2017Evaluation of Triarylmethyl Dyes for Xenobiotic Transport Assay in the Mosquito A. aegyptiCoire F. Gavin-Hanner '18Matthew F. RouhierChemistry
2017Temperature Dependent Dielectric Functions of Topological InsulatorsEllie Holmgren '18Frank PeirisPhysics
2017Visualizing Equation of State Constraints given Gravitational-wave Observations of Binary Neutron Star Systems Burke S. Irwin '19Leslie E. WadePhysics
2017Testing a candidate muscle gene, tcf15, in a neural patterning mutant, stl159, in Danio rerioWoo Jeon '18Sarah C. PetersenNeuroscience
2017An Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Sequence from the Caecilian Gymnopis multiplicata Suggests Low Dioxin Affinity Is Common to All Amphibian Orders Sarah Kazzaz '18Wade PowellBiology
2017Climate Change Velocity: Past, Present, and PredictedErin Keleske '18Drew KerkhoffBiology
2017New Linear Codes over Non-Prime Fields Jonathan Lambrinos '20Nuh Aydin Mathematics
2017Raman Spectroscopy of Thin FilmsVincent Lewis '20Frank PeirisPhysics
2017The Influence of sfp-gadX Mutation in Benzoate Resistance of Escherichia coliHaofan Li '20Joan L. SlonczewskiBiology
2017Skin Whitening Soap Opera's: Themes of Female Empowerment Used as Method of AdvertisingMadeline Maldonado '18Irene L�pezPsychology
2017Microwave Spectroscopy of Ultracold Molecular PlasmaFernanda B. V. Martins '19James KellerChemistry
2017Using Artificial Neural Networks for Gravitational-Wave Glitch Identification in Advanced LIGO Donald A. Moffa III '18Leslie WadePhysics
2017Describing Dark Matter as a Wave Function Maggie Murphree '19Tom GiblinDepartment of Physics
2017Structural and Optical Properties of Perovskite Thin Films Ryan Muzzio '18Frank PeirisPhysics
2017Exploring Dark Matter as a Scalar FieldRachel Nguyen '19Tom GiblinPhysics
2017Designing and Developing a Computer Program to Assess Building Code RequirementsNicholas Ogilvie-Thompson '19James P. SkonMathematics
2017An Ecosystem Experiment to Test Recovery of Nitrogen Assimilation Functions in Restored Freshwater WetlandsHeather Pacheco '18Siobhan FennessyBiology
2017Aryl hydrocarbon receptor paralog function in dioxin and thyroid hormone response pathways in the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevisNaomi Pang '19Wade H. PowellBiology
2017Characterization of a zebrafish peripheral myelin mutantKristen Pitts '19Sarah C. PetersenNeuroscience
2017Applications of Machine Learning in Low-latency LIGO Searches for Gravitational Waves Kyle Rose '19Madeline WadePhysics
2017Examining the Flight Capabilities of Neanderthal SpearsRyan Scheck '20Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2017Designing an AI to determine building codesJoey Schutz '18Professor James SkonMathematics
2017Characterization of FMRFamide Expression in the Enteric Nervous System of Manduca sextaSabrina Serrano '18Harry ItagakiBiology
2017Linearized Gravity and its Effects on Oscillon Formation and PropertiesPatrick Shaw '19Tom GiblinPhysics
2017In Search of the t-DNA Insert: Genotyping Arabidopsis thaliana Transgenic Plant LinesHannah Simmons '19Kerry RouhierChemistry
2017Artifacts in the Wake of a First-Order Phase TransitionChristian Solorio '18Tom GiblinPhysics
2017Ellipsometry and X-Ray Reflectivity Analysis of Nanoporous Hafnia FilmsR. Oliver VandenBerg '20Frank PeirisPhysics
2017Exploring the Structural Dynamics of Thin Films using X-ray Diffraction Kendall Vanderhoof '20Frank PeirisPhysics
2017Men's and Women's Responses to Idealized Body TypesAr'Reon Watson '18Sarah K. MurnenPsychology
2017Architectural Planning: An Expert System Proof of ConceptBenjamin Weinberg '18James P. SkonMathematics
2017Exploring the Potential of an Acid-Initiated Vinylogous Aldol Reaction to form All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters Hannah Wendlandt '19John HofferberthChemistry
2017Localization of Aedes aegypti Na-dependent aeCCC1 by affinity dependent -purified antibodies to Malpighian tubules and hindgut purified antibodiesSamuel Wolf '19Christopher M. Gillen Biology
2017Effects of emrAB and mprA mutants on relative fitness in carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone evolved Escherichia coliErintrude Wrona '20Joan L. SlonczewskiBiology
2016Effectiveness of Teaching a Novel Language in the Context of a Children's Summer Day CampEmily Balber '17Tabitha PaynePsychology
2016Evaluating dye compounds as adulticides via toxic sugar bait and assessing the role sex plays in lethal toxic dosingLeticia Osei Bonsu '17Matthew RouhierChemistry
2016Agonist-specific regulation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor target genes in a Xenopus laevis cell lineKay Burrows '18Wade PowellBiology
2016Recovering the Neutron Star Equation of State from a Binary Neutron Star: Gravitational Wave Detection with LIGOMatthew Carney '18Leslie WadePhysics
2016Modeling Corrections to the Fabry-Perot Cavity for the Calibration of Advanced LIGO InstrumentsTheresa Chmiel '17Madeline WadePhysics
2016Tangloids and their Symmetries Seth Colbert-Pollack '19Carol SchumacherMathematics
2016Modeling Neuroinflammatory Pathways of Astrocytes, Microglia, and NeuronsEllen Corcoran '18Sheryl HemkinChemistry
2016Loved to Death: Tourism Case Studies in Baguio and Batad, PhilippinesHannah Echt '17Sam PackAnthropology
2016Crossing Borders: Creating Games to Simulate Cultural Interaction for Anthropology ClassroomsSydney Engelstein '18Kimmarie MurphyAnthropology
2016Generation of All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters Using a Novel, Acid-Initiated Vinylogous Aldol Reaction (VAR) Maddie Frischling '17John HofferberthChemistry
2016Mathematical Modeling of the Epistemology of Simple Physical Agents Ian George '18Benjamin SchumacherPhysics
2016Acid Resistance Mechanisms in Laboratory Evolved Escherichia coliJessie M. Griffith '19Joan SlonczewskiBiology
2016Staging Culture: Igorot "Photogra-feeing" in Baguio City, PhilippinesJon Funder Hansen '17Sam PackAnthropology
2016Unusual Locomotor Response to Morphine in BTBR T+tf/J MiceKelsey Hauser '17Hewlet McFarlaneNeuroscience
2016Axiomatic Informational ThermodynamicsAustin Hulse '19Benjamin SchumacherPhysics
2016Gene expression of Sodium-Dependent Carbon-Chloride Cotransporters (aeCCC1-3) in Adult and Larval Tissue of Yellow Fever Mosquitos (Aedes aegypti) Taylor Jamil '17Chris GillenBiology
2016Role of Trichomes in Regulation of Optical Properties in Carya glabra and Carya ovataAlexa Korsberg '17Christopher BickfordBiology
2016Escherichia coli Lose Antibiotic Tolerance During Experimental Laboratory Evolution in Benzoate Stress Karina Kunka '19Joan SlonczewskiBiology
2016Self-Disclosure and Liking on Social Networking Sites Emma L. McGorray '18Patrick EwellPsychology
2016Comparison of three methods for creating n-dimensional hypervolumesCecina Babich Morrow '16Andrew KerkhoffBiology
2016Religious Syncretism in the PhilippinesLauren Michael '17Sam PackAnthropology
2016The Effect of Isolated Facial Features on the Identity Sensitive N250r ERPSarah Mohr '17Andrew EngellNeuroscience
2016Control of Acid and Antibiotic Resistance Systems by an RNA Polymerase Alpha Subunit Mutation in Benzoate Evolved Escherichia coliJeremy P. Moore '19Joan SlonczewskiBiology
2016GABAa2 Subunit Agonism Improves Social Memory in BTBR T+tf/J MiceSarah Naguib '17Hewlet McFarlaneNeuroscience
2016Evaluation of mosquito (Aedes aegypti) organic anion transporters through microinjection of sulfonate group dyes.Bryce T. Nicholls '18Matthew RouhierChemistry
2016Identifying the Source of ?-Alanine Production in Arabidopsis thaliana by GC/MSMorgan E. Perrett '17 Kerry RouhierChemistry
2016Psizing up the Universe: The Effects of the Gravitational Potential after Inflation Caroline Popiel '18Tom GiblinPhysics
2016Reversible Ising Dynamics: a Digital Thermodynamic Model Graham Reid '17Benjamin SchumacherPhysics
2016Immunolocalization of sodium-dependent cation chloride cotransporters in the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti larvaeGrace Riley '18Chris GillenBiology
2016Remembrance and Renovation: Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Northern PhilippinesJenna Rochelle '18Sam PackAnthropology
2016The Decay and Gravitational Effectsof Non-�Topological Structures After Inflation Christian Solorio '18Tom GiblinPhysics
2016Between Two Worlds: The Past, Present, and Future of Igorot YouthsShaun Stewart '17Sam PackAnthropology
2016Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms in Benzoate-Evolved Escherichia coliAnna C. Tancredi '19Joan SlonczewskiBiology
2016Localization of the Sodium Dependent Cation-Chloride Cotransporter in Aedes aegyptiKenyatta Viel '17Chris GillenBiology
2016Invisible Clothing? Complex Clothing Manufacture in the Middle PaleolithicClay Whiteheart '18Bruce HardyAnthropology
2016Characterization of the Positive Integers with Abundancy Index of the Form (2x-1)/xYanqi Xu '17Judy HoldenerMathematics
2016Optimizing Gravitational Wave Searches For Intermediate Mass Black Hole BinariesJack R. Zellweger '17Leslie WadePhysics
2015 The Impact of Social Interactions and Age on the Reinforcing Properties of Cocaine in Rats Lauren Bailey '16 Paula Lipnos-Millin Psychology
2015 GABA Production Through Acid Resistance Mechanisms in Escherichia coli Dominic Camperchioli '17, Sean P. Bush '17 Joan Slonczewski Biology
2015 Characterization of a Na+ -dependent cation-chloride cotransporters (CCCs) in Aedes aegypti larvae by RNA interference Jiayu Chen '17 Christopher M. Gillen Biology
2015 Gravitational Perturbations in Lattice Simulations Arthur Conover '17 John T. Giblin Physics
2015 Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced Ellipsometry for Biosensing Eliana Crawford '17 Frank Peiris Physics
2015 Comparing Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes in Restored Versus Natural Wetlands James Currie '16 Siobban Fennessy Biology
2015 Rocks and Residues: Rekindling the Past: Microscopy of Flint Flakes Sean Deryck '18 Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2015 Antibiotic Resistance in Aromatic Acid Evolved E. coli Erick Ditmars '18 Joan L. Slonczewski Biology
2015 New Linear Codes from Quasi-twisted Codes Derek Foret '17 Nuh Aydin Mathematics
2015 Smoke without Fire: Reconstructing the Candelero Jacob Griffith-Rosenberger '16 Edward Schortman Anthropology
2015 Three Dimensional Deconvolution of a Confocal Microscope William Kyle '17 Jan Kmetko Physics
2015 Environmental Stress and RNAi Effect on Osmoregulation of the Yellow Fever Mosquito, Aedes aegypti Alexander McQuiston '16 Christopher M. Gillen Biology
2015 Fluctuating Asymmetry as an Indicator of Reproductive Effort in the Leach's Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) Lauren Michael '17 Robert A. Mauck Biology
2015 RNA polymerase mutations and decarboxylase activity in acid-evolved strains of Escherichia coli Stephanie Penix '16 Joan L. Slonczewski Biology
2015 Exploring the Effective Mass of Semiconductors Using Infrared Faraday Rotation Haifeng Qiao '16 Frank C. Peiris Physics
2015 Presence of Harmful Cyanobacteria in Local Water Bodies Alexandra Schaal '17 Siobban Fennessy and Joan Slonczewski Biology
2015 Role of Abaxial Trichome Density in Regulating Optical Properties and Photosynthesis in Glycine max Jacob Scharfetter '17, Alexa Korsberg '17 Christopher Bickford Biology
2015 Fitness of Potassium Benzoate Evolved Escherichia coli K-12 Under Various Permeant Acid Stresses Zachary Scott '18, Michelle W. Clark Joan L. Slonczewski Biology
2015 A River Runs Through It: Limnological and Anthropological Perspectives on the Kokosing in Knox County Jennifer Seely '16 Kimmarie Murphy Anthropology
2015 Investigating Subfunctionalization of Xenopus laevis AHR1 Paralogs in a Tadpole Cell Line Sean Smith '16, Scott Freeburg '16, Eric Engelbrecht '14 Wade H. Powell Biology
2015 Molecular and evolutionary assessment of seasonal reproduction and circadian regulation using the bryophyte Physcomitrella patens Maria Sorkin '16 Karen Hicks Biology
2015 Convergent patterns of α- and β-functional diversity across tropical and temperate mountain forests Kirstin Staiger '16 Andrew Kerkhoff Biology
2015 Dynamical Studies of Non-Abelian Gauge Fields: Cosmic Inflation and Reheating Zach Weiner '16 John T. Giblin Physics
2015 Computational Efficiency of the Metropolis and Wang-Landau Algorithms Hanning Wong '16 Timothy Sullivan Physics
2014 Standing the Heat: The Influence of Increased Air Temperature on Leach's Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) S. E. Adrianowycz Robert Mauck Biology
2014 Growing From Sports-Related Adversity: Investigating the Role of Spirituality in the Resiliency Process of College Student Athletes Edgar F. Arceo Sarah Murnen Psychology
2014 Numerical Techniques of Integration for Volumes of Revolution Mathematics Robin Belton Marie Snipes Mathematics
2014 Fabricating Atmospheric Chemical Sensors using Mesoporous Indium Tin-Doped Oxide (ITO) Photonic Crystals Matthew Christopher Frank Peiris Physics
2014 Constructing Linear Codes with Record Breaking Parameters Mathematics Nicholas Connolly Nuh Aydin Mathematics
2014 Bridging the Generation Gap: Tracking Movement of Functional Proteins Across Generations in Escherichia coli Richard Dennis Joan Slonczewski Biology
2014 Polar Aging of Escherichia coli under Neutral and Acidic Conditions Elizabeth Eder Joan Slonczewski Biology
2014 Progress Toward a Novel Synthesis of the C5 Methylated Cyclopenta[C]pyridine Substructure Nat Fox John Hofferberth Chemistry
2014 A Model of Carbohydrate and Protein Uptake in Manduca sexta S.A. Frantz Andrew Kerkkhoff Biology
2014 Is It Hot Enough Yet? Reconstructing Firing Temperatures for Prehistoric Honduran Ceramics through Re-Firing Experiments Anthropology Caroline Del Giudice Edward Schortman Anthropology
2014 Brownian Motion in the Complex Plane Mathematics Lila Greco Marie Snipes Mathematics
2014 The Effects of high pH on acid adapted Escherichia coli Issam Hamdallah Joan Slonczewski Biology
2014 Kinetic Characterization of CHY4 and CHY5 in the Catabolism of Valine in Arabidopsis thaliana Katherine C. Hoener Kerry Rouhier Chemistry
2014 Effects of a thermal excursion on biomass yield and gas exchange traits in Glycine max Hayley Howard Christopher P. Bickford Biology
2014 Generalizing the Four Numbers Problem to Planar Graphs Mathematics Sam Justice Carol Schumacher Mathematics
2014 Striving for Perfection: Multiple Roles and Well-Being Kathryn Kadleck Sarah Murnen Psychology
2014 Interactions between Thyroid Hormone and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) Signaling during Metamorphosis of Xenopus laevis Megan M. Koenecke Wade Powell Biology
2014 Exploring Thermal Lens Spectrometry as an Analytical Tool Kaicheng Li James Keller Chemistry
2014 GPU Acceleration of 3D lattice simulations C. Ross Mauck John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2014 Toward Defining the Scope and Limitations of the Tandem Enamine-enal Cycloaddition/Pyridine Formation Approach to the Synthesis of the Cyclopenta[C]pyridine Substructure Camelia Milnes John Hofferberth Chemistry
2014 Nonlinear Physics at the End of Inflation Eva H. Nesbit John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2014 The Interaction of Striatal Dopamine on Glutamate-Mediated Repetitive Self-Grooming Behavior in the BTBR T+tf/J Mouse Model for Autism Olubusola O. Olukoya '15 Hewlet McFarlane Neuroscience
2014 Reheating the universe Timothy R. Scully John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2014 Sticking with Neanderthals: Identifying Neanderthal Mastics and their Signatures Anthropology Joseph Walsh Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2014 Searching for and Characterizing Abundancy Outlaws Mathematics Zach Weiner Judy Holdener Mathematics
2013 Molecular characterization of Na+-coupled CCCs in the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti Daniel Akuma Christopher Gillen Biology
2013 Fitting and Assessing Statistical Models for Well Water Samples and Health-Related Quality of Life Variables in Coal Mining Regions of West Virginia Mathematics Grant Carney Brad Hartlaub Mathematics
2013 Phenotypic Analysis of Methylmalonate Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase Knockout Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana Rishi Choubey Kerry Rouhier Chemistry
2013 Escherichia coli Mutant Strains Mediate Cellular Response to Benzoic Acid Kaitlin Creamer Joan Slonczewski Biology
2013 First-Order Phase Transitions with Cosmological Fluids Ryan Darragh John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2013 Size-Frequency Distribution of Perennial Herbaceous Communities Kelsey Dillon Andrew Kerkkhoff Biology
2013 Face-specific Inhibition of Crystal Growth with Bidentate Ligands:A Lack of Kinetic Competition Between Succinate and Tartrate Dan Druffel Simon Garcia Chemistry
2013 Investigating the Subfunctionalization of Two Xenopus Laevis AHR1 Paralogs Eric Engelbrecht Wade Powell Biology
2013 The Leaky Pipeline: The Effect of Personality and Goals on Female STEM Interest Katherine Finnigan Katherine S. Corker Psychology
2013 Quantifying the Impact of Nocturnal Warming on Whole-Plant Water Use Efficiency in Glycine max Molly Goolman Christopher P. Bickford Biology
2013 Physiological changes in the midgut during the growth of the larval Tobacco Hornworm, Manduca sexta Katie Goulder Haruhiko Itagaki Biology
2013 Nitric oxide signaling in the larval salivary glands of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta Lyra R.M. Hall Haruhiko Itagaki Biology
2013 Laboratory Evolution of Acid-Adapted Escherichia coli Strains Amanda He Joan Slonczewski Biology
2013 In the Mind of an Athlete: A Meta-analysis of the role of perfectionism and anxiety in athletes Maureen Hirt Sarah Murnen Psychology
2013 Exploring Magneto-Optical Properties of Novel Structures Aidan Lee Frank Peiris Physics
2013 Quasi-Bosonic Lattice Gas and Information Machines Michael Morgan Benjamin Schumacher Physics
2013 New Linear Codes from Constacyclic Codes Mathematics John M. Murphree Nuh Aydin Mathematics
2013 Reduction in Expression of Manduca sexta Midgut Transport Proteins KAAT1 and CAATCH1 by RNA Interference Andrew L. Parmelee Christopher Gillen Biology
2013 Base Resistance in Escherichia coli Potential Stress Resistance Genes and Regulators Ian F. Perrone Joan Slonczewski Biology
2013 Evidence for a regulatory linkage between leaf water potential and mesophyll conductance Rafael Contreras Rangel Christopher P. Bickford Biology
2013 Investigating the Maillard Reaction in Autoclaved Media and its Effect on Escherichia coli Rachel J. Rhee Joan Slonczewski Biology
2013 The Effects of a High Antioxidant Diet on Two Behavioral Measures in Aging Rats Gina Rickert Paula Millin Psychology
2013 Arboral Diversity in Sub-ecotypes of the Peruvian Amazon Blackwater Rainforest: Barcoding from Cambial Tissue Helen Rogers Kathryn Edwards Biology
2013 In the Fringes: Exploring Thin Films with a Prism Coupler Glynis Schumacher James Keller Chemistry
2013 Classical Transitions for Tunable Potentials Timothy R. Scully John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2013 The Relationships Between the Intracellular Steps in the LPS-stimulated Release of Nitric Oxide from Microglia Robbie Sellers Sheryl Hemkin Chemistry
2013 Sequence Characterization and Dioxin-Responsiveness of an Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) from the Salamander, Ambystoma mexicanum Jenny Shoots Wade Powell Biology
2013 Preliminary Study of Vertebrates by Motion-Activated Cameras at TRARC prior to Amazon Flooding of 2012 (Spanish version here) H.B. Stephens Kathryn Edwards Biology
2013 Neanderthal String Theory: Investigating the Potential Role of Cordage through Experimental Archaeology Anthropology Rhiannon Suggs Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2013 Calculus Analysis of Viking-era Icelandic Remains Anthropology Catherine Weitzel Kimmarie Murphy Anthropology
2013 Plasticity of pigmentation and thermoregulation of the harlequin bug, Murgantia histrionica, in response to developmental temperature Audrey E. White Jennifer R. Olson Biology
2013 Arthropod Distribution in a Tropical Floodplain Ecosystem Noah Winters Kathryn Edwards Biology
2013 Magnetic Force Microscopy with a diCP-II Atomic Force Microscope Hanning Wong Frank Peiris Physics
2013 Telenovelas: Assessing Intersectionality in Spanish Media Melek Yildiz-Spinel Irene L�pez Psychology
2012 Development of a Novel Synthesis of Natural Products Containing the Cyclopenta[c]pyridine Substructure Snow Adler John Hofferberth Chemistry
2012 Determining the Function of Xenopus laevis Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptors AHR1α & AHR1β via Morpholino Knockdown Myles Alderman Wade Powell Biology
2012 The behavioral and neurological effects of hypoxia during the embryonic development of domestic chicks (Gallus gallus) Andie Asimes Timothy C. Roth Biology
2012 An Exploration of n-Trigonometric Functions: Generalizations of Sine and Cosine Mathematics Alex Beckwith Marie Snipes Mathematics
2012 Photoperiodic Regulation of Sexual Reproduction in Physcomitrella patens Kiersten Bell Karen Hicks Biology
2012 Characterization of Zn1-XCdXSe Non-Linear Response Jimmy Chapman James Keller Chemistry
2012 Osteobiography of Gröf A-21 from Keldudalur, Iceland Anthropology Myra Eckenhoff Kimmarie Murphy Anthropology
2012 The Effects of Minority Group Labeling on Feelings of Empathy and Psychological Closeness Daniel Glaser Alan Fenigstein Psychology
2012 The Effect of Non-Standard Laboratory Conditions on the Acid Resistance of Escherichia coli M. Michael Harden Joan Slonczewski Biology
2012 The effect of caffeine on learning and memory on three cognitive tasks in human subjects Karen Huntsman Paula Millin Psychology
2012 The Photoperiod Response Pathway in Physcomitrella Patens Kate Lang Karen Hicks Biology
2012 Inhibition of Amphetamine-Induced Locomotor Hyperactivity by D1 and D2 Dopamine Receptor Antagonists in the C57BL/6J and BTBR T+tf/J Mouse Strains Neuroscience Kendra Lechtenberg Hewlet McFarlane Psychology
2012 Genetic Requirements for E. coli Extreme Acid Survival both Aerobically and Anaerobically Maria Narvaez Joan Slonczewski Biology
2012 The Cosmological Origin of Primordial Magnetic Fields Alexander New John T. Giblin, Jr. Chemistry
2012 The Heat is On: Temperature and an Incubating Seabird C. L. O'Connell Robert Mauck Biology
2012 The anatomy, physiology, and immunoreactivity of the cells of the enteric nervous system of larval Manduca sexta Emily Rose Haruhiko Itagaki Biology
2012 The Effects of Auditory Phonemes on Automatic Social Grouping Daniel Rosenberg Alan Fenigstein Psychology
2012 The relationship between midgut growth and morphology and body size in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta A. Sanderlin Haruhiko Itagaki Biology
2012 Angular Momentum of Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars Luke Skon Demian Cho Physics
2012 Preliminary Analysis of Dental Calculus from Viking Age Iceland: Implications for Reconstructing Diet and Lifeways Anthropology Hannah Smith Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2012 Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion Sally Steuterman James Keller Chemistry
2012 Co-exposure to AhR and TR Agonists Enhances the Expression of Thyroid Hormone- and Dioxin-Responsive Genes in Xenopus laevis Justin Taft Wade Powell Biology
2012 The Cloning and Expression of β-Hydroxyisobutyryl Coenzyme A Hydrolase from Arabidopsis thaliana Scott Watters Kerry Rouhier Chemistry
2012 Visualization of Cell Morphology and Cytoplasmic pH of Escherichia coli Biofilms Using Fluorescence Microscopy Anna Yie Joan Slonczewski Biology
2012 Telenovelas: Ethnic and Gender Representations in Spanish Media in the U.S. Melek Yildiz-Spinel Irene L�pez Psychology
2011 Development of a Novel Synthesis of Natural Products Containing the Cyclopenta[c]pyridine Substructure Snow Adler John Hofferberth Chemistry
2011 Probing the Second-Harmonic in ZnCdSe Thin Films Ian Bakk James Keller Chemistry
2011 Fabricating Faraday Rotators Using Mesoporous Films Andrew Chevalier Frank Peiris Physics
2011 Modeling Cosmic Bubble Collisions Hillary Child John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2011 Mental Toughness and Anxiety in Varsity Collegiate Athletes and Non-Athletes Julia Cohen Michael Levine Psychology
2011 Changes in midgut morphology during the growth of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta Katheryn Connell Haruhiko Itagaki Biology
2011 Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Lattice Simulations Jennings Deskins John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
2011 Visual Attention and Sequential Patterns: Mental Processing Speed, Implicit, and Explicit Learning Clifford Eberhardt Tabitha Payne Psychology
2011 Application of Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Calculations to Determine Reaction Pathway Andrew Ebner John Hofferberth Chemistry
2011 Quantum Entanglement at Kenyon College: Constructing an Entanglement Apparatus for the Undergraduate Laboratory Robert Fine James Keller Chemistry
2011 Exploring the Utility of Ionic Hydrogenation in the Synthesis of Iridoid Natural Products Clara Fischman John Hofferberth Chemistry
2011 The Tol-Pal trans-envelope complex is important for acid survival of Escherichia Coli Gian Garduque Joan Slonczewski Biology
2011 "Sexualized" Clothing in Girls' Magazines Across Time Kaitlin Graff Sarah Murnen Psychology
2011 The Effect of Diet on Ontogenetic Scaling of Metabolic Rate in Manduca sexta Kate Haller Andrew Kerkkhoff Biology
2011 Dynamics of a 2-hectare temperate forest plot over a five-year period Nina Hamilton Andrew Kerkkhoff Biology
2011 Is sperm motility correlated with red spawning coloration in Redside Dace? Kelly Heilman E. Raymond Heithaus Biology
2011 Characterizing the Transcriptomic Response of a Xenopus laevis Cell line Initiated by Two Structurally Distinct Ligands of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Nathan Huey Wade Powell Biology
2011 Big Game or Small Plants? Assessing The Role of Plants in the Neanderthal Diet via Microscopic Residue Analysis of Flint Tools Anthropology Nick Lehn Bruce Hardy Anthropology
2011 4-OH-Tamoxifen is not an agonist of the frog aryl hydrocarbon receptor Amanda Maxfield Wade Powell Biology
2011 Investigation of Single-Cell pH Homeostasis Using Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Microscopy J. Patrick Mershon Joan Slonczewski Biology
2011 Minimal Length Scale and Its Effect on Hawking Radiation Patrick Meyers Demian Cho Physics
2011 A Geometric Representation of the Abundancy Index Mathematics Kate Moore Judy Holdener Mathematics
2011 Modeling Manduca sexta Gut Digestion and Absorption as a Plug Flow Reactor Stephen Raithel Andrew Kerkkhoff Biology
2011 The Role of Methylmalonate Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase in Valine and Propionyl-CoA Metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana Ian Richardson Kerry Rouhier Chemistry
2011 Anaerobic Regulators Affect Anoxic Extreme-Acid Survival of E. coli Daniel Riggins Joan Slonczewski Biology
2011 Expression and Characterization of the CYP1 subfamily from Xenopus laevis Andy Schwartz Wade Powell Biology
2011 Dynamic Light Scattering from Colloidal Spheres and Proteins in Femtoliter Volumes David Somers Jan Kmetko Physics
2011 Getting the house in order: Burrow establishment and incubation activity in a long-lived seabird (2011 Graham Sorenson Robert Mauck Biology
2011 The effects of potential climate change-related river water temperature shifts on the reproductive success of the redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus) August Steigmeyer E. Raymond Heithaus Biology
2011 Crying Wolf or Sobbing Swine: Examining Post-H1N1 Perceptions of Risk and Threat of a Future Influenza Epidemic Anthropology Julian Tancredi Kimmarie Murphy Anthropology
2011 Gender, Stress, Coping, and Health Behaviors Alyssa Van Denburg Sarah Murnen Psychology
2011 Effect of strain and diet on Manduca sexta midgut mass Allison Vela-Mendoza Christopher Gillen Biology
2011 Relative expression of basic metabolic genes in the anterior midgut of Manduca sexta Kelly Wahl Christopher Gillen Biology
2011 Quantifying soil carbon sequestration rates, a critical ecosystem service, from measures of wetland condition in freshwater wetlands of Ohio Sally Wilson Siobhan Fennessy Biology
2010 Food Accessibility and Pricing In a Rural Setting Anthropology Jonah Auteri Kimmarie Murphy Anthropology
2010 A functional comparison of photoperiodically-regulated genes in Physcomitrella patens and flowering plants Sarah Cook Karen Hicks Biology
2010 Defensive Behavior of Rats in Response to 22-kHz Ultrasonic Vocalizations Rachel Cooper Andrew Niemiec Psychology
2010 Mapping of photoperiod-sensitive suppressor of elf3 21 Brittany Currey Karen Hicks Biology
2010 Variability in Measurements of Manduca sexta Midgut Gene Expression Kyle Davis Brad Hartlaub Mathematics
2010 The Role of Multidrug Resistance Efflux Pumps in pH Homeostasis in Escherichia Coli Kari N. W. Deininger Joan Slonczewski Biology
2010 Modeling the Manduca Sexta Midgut Mathematics Jennifer Garbett Judy Holdener Mathematics
2010 Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions in Complex Domains Mathematics Kevin Gerstle Marie Snipes Mathematics
2010 Comparing Classical and Alternative Methods of Regression in the Context of Metabolic Scaling Mathematics Nathan Huey Brad Hartlaub Mathematics
2010 pH Dependent cAMP Levels Correspond to Acid Resistance in Escherichia Coli Shanté Jackson Joan Slonczewski Biology
2010 Examining the Prevalence of the Heterosexual Script in Children's Television Media Alexandra Kirsch Sarah Murnen Psychology
2010 Identification and Characterization of CYP1 Gene family Enzymes in Xenopus laevis Chad Kurylo Wade Powell Biology
2010 Differential aminopeptidaseexpression in Manduca sexta larvae based on life stage and dietary protein concentration Emily Lewandowski Christopher Gillen Biology
2010 Finding an Upper Bound on the Angular Momentum of a Neutron Star Ben Lucas Demian Cho Physics
2010 Measurement of cytoplasmic pH of Escherichia coli with fluorescence ratio imaging microscopy Kotiba Malek Joan Slonczewski Biology
2010 The Role of Conformity to the Superwoman Ideal in the Relationship between Personality and Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Adolescents Lauren Metzger Sarah Murnen Psychology
2010 Specific residues of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor from the frog Xenopus laevis confer low responsiveness to TCDD and FICZ Cami Odio Wade Powell Biology
2010 Seeding the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe: Cosmological Perturbations from Staggered Inflation Evan Pease John T. Giblin, Jr. Physics
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